Monday, April 6, 2009

ADHD or Aspergers

Well the last month with Jesse's psychologist has involved some difficult information. A few weeks ago we talked about the possibility of later down the road of facing some early onset bi-polar because of his extreme mood swings. There is a family history of bi-polar on my side of the family (my sister, uncle, and cousins) so it is not a surprise, but still very scary.

On Friday at his session Jesse was exhibiting some classic symptoms of Aspergers syndrome. AS is a disorder that falls on the autism spectrum. This has always been a condition that we have suspected. His counselor believes that he does have AS although we are keeping his ADHD diagnosis for now. This is because his treatment will remain the same as we are addressing his current needs. Part of the problem is that Jesse exhibits many symptoms of various behavioral/psychological disorders. Now it is time to research AS to see how we can further help Jesse.


Rachel C. said...

Good luck! Either of those diagnoses would be tough.

The Hemming's said...

Tough stuff Hannah.Like Rachel said either one is tough.But, like I have said before, you do a great job with Jesse and he is lucky to have a special mom like you to help him through his challenges.

Kurt and Michelle said...

I am amazed at the mother you are for this sweet little boy, I know that he will be forever grateful to you for all that you do for him in his life, even if he may not show or say it.