Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tell Me the Stories Tuesday- Our Little Miracle Arrived

Five years ago this summer I started working on getting my masters degree. I had finally found a program that would work for me as a working mother of three. It was an on-line reading program through NNU. It was great because we only had to be on campus one week out of the year. A few months into my program I found out I was pregnant. I was really upset. Having a baby in the middle of a masters degree wouldn't be the easiest thing to do and the program I was in had everything planned out for the 2 1/2 years it would take to complete. You completed the program with a cohort group so I couldn't just quit and pick it up again later. We had also made the decision to not have anymore children a few months prior and sold all of our baby things. Our decision was based mainly on the fact that I didn't feel like I could handle another child with the struggles Jesse was already exhibiting at the age of three. However I shouldn't have been surprised because with each pregnancy I had a dream telling me how many children I had left to be born.

So after much tears, worrying, and prayers I finally felt that things would be OK and that Faith would actually be a blessing to Jesse (not sure of that yet, but maybe in the future). So I went through the pregnancy pretty well. It was an advantage for some things such as when the heater became a problem as it did every year in the school I taught in, it was taken care of much quicker than usual, especially when I started having class outside because it was making me sick. I also got out of a few field trips and jury duty because they were in my last month of pregnancy. Something about being on a bus for a few hours each way didn't make the administration very comfortable with me going.

Well we found out with our earlier children that I have to be induced with my children otherwise I would be pregnant forever. So we scheduled the date with my doctor to have Faith in the Nampa birthing center. Since he was moving offices at the time of my delivery, his wife was going to be the one delivering Faith.

It ended up being a very easy delivery. I think we arrived around 8 or 9 in the morning. They broke my water and induced me. I took many walks had some contractions, but none that were regular enough to say that I was in labor. Then all of the sudden I transitioned without really anything going on (my mood changed slightly was the only reason we knew). I had about three hard contractions and Faith was born 15 minutes later. The doctor had stepped out to see a patient who was heading into labor in her office across the parking lot. The nurse told her not to leave because I have fast labors, but since she wasn't my doctor she didn't realize how fast I go. So the nurse, my mom, and Robert ended up delivering Faith.

When she was born the nurse was amazing. I didn't even realize something was wrong but Robert and my mom watched her as she unwrapped the umbilical cord from Faith neck TWICE. Then the real problem was seen when they saw a true knot in Faith's cord. She was a little blue so they got her on oxygen immediately and she perked up and was OK. We were told that it was a miracle she survived the pregnancy. The nurse told us that often times when there are problems like this then the labor are fairly easy to help protect the baby. It is amazing how our bodies know.

I am so thankful that our little angel was safe and survived to be the little stinker she is today. I really love her and all my children and thank my Heavenly Father for the blessings they are in my life.


Lynn said...

She is beautiful!

Jackie said...

What a little miracle girl! I love her name!

jenjen said...

Oh - she is so sweet! I am glad everything turned out okay!