Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday- The Holy Temple, chapter 2-3

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It has been awhile, but I was finally able to get a few minutes to read again. One of the points that I really enjoyed was that preparation for getting to the temple. President Packer likened it to a college class where you have to take fundamental chemistry before you can take advanced chemistry. The same is true of the temple, we must prepare ourselves for the opportunity to enter the temple and participate in the sacred ordinances there.

This preparation also includes what we take with us each visit. "If you will go to the temple and remember that the teaching is symbolic you will never go in the proper spirit without coming away with your vision extended, feeling a little more exalted, with your knowledge increased as to the things that are spiritual. . . What we gain from the temple will depend to a large degree on what we take to the temple in the way of humility and reverence and a desire to learn. If we are teachable we will be taught by the Spirit in the temple." I know one of my problems is looking past the literal interpretations and looking at the symbolic meanings. I think that is where the preparation for me needs to come in. Instead of the hurried rush to the temple with my mind still racing once I arrive, I need to take the time to unwind before enter the temple so that I can have my mind open to the revelatory powers of the Spirit.