Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tell Me the Stories Tuesday- And Baby Made 3

Since I shared Faith's birth story the other day, I figured I would share our other children's as well. Fourteen years ago, Robert's and my lives were forever changed when Tyler joined our family. I had a very normal pregnancy with her, I only got sick when I didn't get enough sleep. I remember days when I worked late and had an early morning class having to pull over on the way to school and try to find a bathroom FAST!
I was in the middle of my undergrad work and worked at Taco Bell during my pregnancy. I quit work a few days before Tyler was born. The day before my due date I stayed home from my classes and rested. Robert and I planned on heading down to my parents house that night to watch movies if everything was still OK. My parents lived about 40 miles away. Robert got off from work around 4. All was looking good until shortly before Robert got off work. I called my mom to ask her the unforgettable question "When your water breaks can it be a trickle or is it a gush?" My mom said she was on her way. So I sat around waiting for my mom and Robert to get home. I was not having any contractions, in fact I was laughing at the whole situation.

So when my mom and Robert got there, my mom took us to get some food knowing once I was admitted to the hospital it would only be ice chips and since I still wasn't having contractions she was afraid it would be a while. So we got some ice cream and walked around the neighborhood trying to start contractions. After about an hour we went to the hospital. I was admitted and they had to check to make sure it was my water that broke (since it was just a trickle I guess they thought I might just be having an accident). They recommended walking to try to start contractions. So we again started walking. For those of you who know my husband though, he doesn't do things half way. So to him if walking was good, so were aerobics and any other exercise. So here we were walking the hospital (multiple floors worth) doing any exercise we could think of to try and start labor. NOTHING WORKED! So finally the doctor said we needed to induce before the baby started having problems.

So we started the Pitosin (sp?) and again began the waiting game. I was getting pretty scared by this point because I didn't want any medical interventions to have the baby. So it was traumatic having to be induced. However when the doctor started talking about a c-section because it had been almost 10 hours since my water broke and they were at 1/2 of the maximum dosage of Pit., I almost started freaking out.

Once the doctor left we started praying. For those who don't know Robert and I married when I was 18 and I had Tyler at 19. So for a young girl this was all getting pretty scary. My mom soon remembered a reflexology chart in her purse and she told Robert where to start rubbing my feet to stimulate the female organs. They took turns and this seriously hurt worse than labor! However 10 minutes later I was finally in labor! I took a few minutes of fighting the contractions, before I finally listened to my mother and started breathing with the contractions. After that I found that it was something I could handle. Three hours and twenty minutes later Tyler was born. Robert was so excited he promptly fell asleep in the Lazy Boy! It was 3 in the morning, but still! We had a beautiful baby girl who was healthy and finally here.

For some reason I can not find any pictures of Tyler before 3 months old. Don't know what that is about! Boy has she grownup to be an amazing and accomplished young woman (she came home yesterday with forms to fill out for clubs to help get into college!). I love her so much for all she is and all she does for us. Very rarely does she complain when asked to help and is always willing to help shoulder the load when I need it. I love you Ty!


Rachel C. said...

I love the part about the doctors not knowing if your water really broke or if you were having an "accident!" Don't those two liquids smell differently?

Rachel C. said...

Cute story!