Monday, June 1, 2009

Kindness Monday- Free For All

O.K. so life has been majorly hectic lately so I am sorry I have not posted regularly. I am hoping that with school now over I will be able to get back on schedule.

So for the challenge this week I am calling it a Kindness Free For All. In essence do as much kindness as possible. In home evening last night we talked about how we fill each others jars with either rocks (mean words) or marbles (kind words) and the challenge was to fill each others jars all week with marbles. So join me in filling others jars positively this week.


Lynn said...

I love the flower in your post! (a marble for you)
In my walking program, for one week I was supposed to list 3 good things I did every day. I continued that and it helps me see the marbles in my own jar.