Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 Years Down, Eternity To Go!

So this past weekend was Roberts and my 15th wedding anniversary. And how did we celebrate it? At the hospital with Faith and home with sick kids. Isn't real life wonderful. What a better way to spend an anniversary though doing the things you do all throughout your marriage! So with all the sleep deprivation and sickness we totally forgot to even celebrate it at all! This was the first time in 15 years that has happened and I have been thinking for months of things to do for this day. How pathetic! I plan to take him out tonight to make up for it though.

So in order to celebrate here are 15 things I love about Robert:
1. He is always very loving to me.
2. He works extremely hard to provide for our family.
3. He is always willing to help anyone out that needs it.
4. He is always willing to help out with the cleaning or anything I need at home.
5. He is always concerned about how I am feeling.
6. He loves being with me.
7. He listens to all my complains.
8. He likes to have fun.
9. He is very tuned into my feelings.
10. He puts up with all my moods.
11. He gives up his plans to go along with what I want.
12. He wants to teach our children strong values.
13. He supports me in my goals and aspirations.
14. He always knows when I just need to have an ice cream break.
15. He loves me and isn't afraid to show it.

Robert I love you so much and am so glad I get to spend my life and eternity with you. Thank you for all you do dor us!
Robert and I while we were dating (1993) Robert and I on our wedding day (1994)

Robert and I in 2006
Robert and I 2009


Rachel C. said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

I'm sorry that you guys were all sick last week and that you weren't able to celebrate!

Jakob and Aleen said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are just 3 years ahead of us. It's amazing how time flies isn't it? :) Here's some info from google:
Traditional Anniversary Gift: Crystal
Modern Anniversary Gift: Glass/Watches
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Switzerland, Austria

Orton Family said...

Wow! Happy late wedding anniversary!!! 15 years is awesome!!!! You both look so cute in all of your pictures! Isn't it so wonderful how we grow and change together? What would we do without each other? As much as we love each other when we are married, it is amazing to find how much more we know and love each other as we go through life's joys and challenges together. Let me know if you want us to watch your kids for a weekend so you can have a belated anniversary date!

Anonymous said...

Life is terrific! I can't think of a better way to spend days than with my eternal family.