Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend

So what a weekend we have had. Britain went on Thursday to a three day backpacking/campout with his scout troop. We had several full days in a row where it was nothing but running from one thing to the next. Then the big problems started on Friday afternoon. Robert and I went to the orchard to pick some apricots. Shortly after we got home my throat started to hurt and Jesse and Faith were complaining of the same thing and coughing.

The kids went to bed early, but Faith started having a hard time with her asthma. I started her on her inhaler but as the night went on she was still struggling and couldn't sleep. She climbed in bed with us and could just toss and turn and moan all night. Around 3:30 we decided to take her into the ER since we couldn't get her breathing under control. As we were getting ready she threw up (this is common when Jesse and Faith are really struggling with their asthma) so we hurried and got her a bath before leaving.

Tyler got up before we left and soon after that Jesse was up having a hard time with coughing. Neither of them went back to sleep that night. We ended up being in the ER until about 6:30. Faith received a couple of breathing treatments, had some chest x-rays done, and had a lot of observation time to make sure her oxygen levels were up and stabilized. After her second breathing treatment the respiratory therapist and I were getting nervous as her heart rate jumped to 199. Albuterol raised the heart rate but that is higher than any of us would have liked. After awhile it went back down and she stabilized.

The chest x-rays showed that she had pneumonia which would have caused this asthma attack. Around 6:30 we were released and after no sleep all night we were ready to go home and crash. Robert had church cleaning to go do (he was going to call and say he couldn't make it but when he found out Brother Pack was called in to work he ended up going) so he picked up Tyler and left while I stayed home with Faith and Jesse. We took it easy for most of the day trying to allow the kids to rest.

Tyler went with two of her nonmember friends to the ward party and the stake dance. I was worried about getting her there and since she had invited her friends I didn't think we should cancel. Luckily one of her friends mom volunteered to take the girls to both events.

When Britain got home I found out that he got sick while he was camping also so now we have four of us home sick while Robert and Tyler are still doing fine. Hopefully we can kick this soon and be back to health.


Rachel C. said...

Aw man! That sounds horrible! I'm sorry you guys are all sick! If there's anything I can do let me know.

Kristi M. said...

Yuck! I am glad that things are a little more under control even though all of you are sick. Now thinking about the ward party, I saw Tyler there and didn't even realize that the rest of you weren't. Just so different seeing everyone is swimming suits.

Brent Orton said...

Wow - John & Paul got sick this weekend too on Thursday night and was throwing up Thursday & Friday. Also, Tori Johnston was in the hospital this weekend with pneumonia too. What do you think the deal is? I hope your crew is feeling better today! Let me know if you need anything!