Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IDVA for Jesse

Well after much thought and struggling I have decided to enroll Jesse in the Idaho Virtual Academy. There are so many pros and cons to this decision, that it has been hard to make. My main reasons for making the change are for social. As he gets older the teasing that he faces will become more aggressive and mean spirited. This teasing them sends him into tantrums where he becomes violent to those around him. Having him at home for school will eliminate the majority of this teasing and help us to control his social situations.

Also Jesse struggles so much with change. By having him home he will no longer have to feel out of control when there is a substitute, a class party, etc. We will be able to structure his day so that his work is broken up throughout the day and interspersed with down time to help motivate him in his work. This has worked well this summer and we plan to continue a similar schedule for the school year.

When I asked Jesse about it he first said it sounded silly, but as I explained it he became excited and said it would be perfect. I am hoping that I will be able to handle this change and that things will go well with it. I figure if it doesn't work out we can also put him back at Wilson. In the very least I will not have to be called to school to help with him, since he will be with me already. That alone will relieve some stress since those calls and subsequent trips to the school are very emotionally draining. However, they will be replaced other stresses of working with Jesse at home.

Jesse has also finally qualified for a PSR (psycho-social rehab) worker who is starting this week with him. She will spend five hours a week helping Jesse to deal with social situations. I am hoping that we will begin to see some great results for him!


Rachel C. said...

Hannah that sounds excellent!

You said he might have trouble adjusting to the change of home school, but since you're starting at the beginning of a year, it might flow easily with the end of summer.

When will you and Jesse officially start?

I think homeschooling would be a really great experience. Tell me how it goes!

Kristi M. said...

You were totally meant to be a teacher. He is so blessed to have you as his mother.

Orton Family said...

This sounds so exciting!!! I think it will be really fun for both you and Jesse! And so neat to have your very own mother as your teacher! Have a great time getting ready for school and good luck with training this summer!

Shauna said...

good luck with everything--I'm sure you've made the right decision and I hope it all works out. You really have a lot of patience and I really admire that.

Kurt and Michelle said...

Hannah, every post that I read of yours makes me think I can do whatever my life has to offer me, because you do such a great job as a mother. It always amazes me how the Lord prepares you for things that you are going to need in your life, sometimes at moments you don't expect it. I am sure the Lord knew you needed to be trained as a teacher to help this special spirit, you will be the best teacher Jesse could ever need.