Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summers End

So the end of summer is here and the older kids are all back to school today. Jesse and Faith will start on Monday. It has been a long and busy summer. We started off with scout day camp, girls camp, and later scout camp. We had a great 4th of July weekend with my family being here. It was a great weekend to remember our great nation. We also kept busy with summer camp for preschool which lasted all but the first week and last week and a half of summer break.

We enjoyed a fun weekend camping with friends. The kids enjoyed riding the four wheelers which was a new experience for them. Britain and Tyler also enjoyed going out on a bunny hunt at night and watching all the guys having fun. Robert was able to join us about 1 in the morning and then went out on a hunt with a few of our friends to end the night.

Lately we have been busy sewing and canning. Tyler made seven dresses for humanitarian aid as a value project and I made four for Faith. We have also been canning alot lately. We canned 26 quarts of apricots, 51 quarts of green beans, 77 quarts of peaches, 8 quarts of tomatoes, and about 40 bags each of frozen corn and zucchini.

It has been a great summer and we are glad to be back at school.


Kristi M. said...

When I get more time, you have seriously got to teach me to can. Maybe next year? You just amaze me and your hard work is so worth it when you get to enjoy it in the winter. Me in the winter...thinking about all of the yummy stuff you have stored.