Monday, September 14, 2009

Time, What's That?!

I have gotten so bad about blogging lately, since summer started and I can't use my camera, I am at a loss. School so far is going good for all the kids. Tyler is loving high school and really enjoys her French class. Britain has had some struggles again so far socially, but is excelling academically like always. Jesse is enjoying the virtual academy, but for mom it depends on the minute how her feelings are about it. Faith is loving preschool still and can never get enough of learning. She most likely will start reading soon as she is ready for it, mom just has to find the time to teach her.

Robert continues to remain busy with work and is working on adding some fun time in as well (it is so hard when you work the amount of hours he does). I am busy with preschool, teaching Jesse, and life. I love my exercise group as they help me maintain my sanity right now in life. Some days I feel like I am hanging off the edge. I am glad I have the knowledge that Heavenly Father know what I can handle, because I think we may differ some days on that issue but knowing he is there gives me some much needed comfort.