Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Things To Think About

I met a friend of my mothers this past weekend and in the course of a very interesting conversation, she brought up a point that I wanted to share. We were talking about our thoughts, how they impact us, and where negative thoughts come from.

She said how she pictured a certain number of Satan's warriors assigned to each of us and that they can call in reinforcements when needed. These warriors lined up to tempt us and try us. the first in line comes forward and prompts us with thoughts such as "You are dumb." If we give in to that then they stay and continue to torment our thoughts. However if we tell those thought to shut up and go away, that warrior loses his power over us and has to move to the end of the line. That puts a little more space between us and the next warrior. He, however, learns from his predecessor and will tweak the thoughts such as "You are dumb and lazy." We must also then tell those thoughts to shut up and go away without giving in to them. If we continually cast out these negative thoughts then we are able to overcome Satan's grasp on us.

We are not alone in this battle though. Heavenly Fathers angels are ready and waiting to come to our aid. This difference though is that we must ask for their help. If they automatically step in whenever we have trouble, then we have no agency and are following Satan's plan. We must ask for their guidance to maintain our agency and to overcome our trials.

We also talked about trials. In school when you are given a test, you were first prepared for that test by being taught all you needed to know ahead of time. The same is true with our mortal existence. Heavenly Father prepared us for all things before we came to earth. He gave us every tool for every experience we will have. We were then sent us to earth with the veil lowered so we could have a true test of our knowledge. The knowledge to overcome every circumstance in our lives in within us, we just have to listen with our spiritual ears to remember what we were taught. That is why I could not have been a pioneer or handled someone elses trials, I was not prepared for them or given the tools to make it through their experiences. But I was given the one I needed for my life. What comfort that is to know that I can make it through all things given me because my Heavenly Father prepared me for them!


Kristi M. said...

Such great thoughts and wonderful analogies.

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