Saturday, February 28, 2009

14 Years Old- No Way!

Wednesday was Tyler's 14th birthday. Holy cow, when did she get that old! Well we celebrated her birthday on Saturday.Tyler choose crepes for breakfast and salad for lunch (no pic.). It has been a long time since we had and the kids were really excited about it. As the kids get older, it gets harder to find birthday gifts for them (unless you want to pay a fortune for them). Tyler is an avid reader though so she received two new books, a new shirt, a finger bowling game (a joke on her constantly wanting to play Wii bowling), and her first set of make-up for when she was ready to learn how to use it. They also enjoy strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and ice cream. For dinner Tyler choose homemade pizza. Later that night Tyler choose the activity of watching movies so we watched High School Musical 3 and the beginning of another movie based on a book the kids heard of that we ended up stopping because of the amount of swear words in the first ten minutes. I hate it how some movies just ruin it for kids! All in all though it was a great day celebrating Tyler.