Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Friday- A New Dress and Some Trees

This was an exciting week at our home. On top of Tyler's birthday, Faith received a fun package from Grandma Hamilton. It was a cute bunny dress with some accompanying dolls. Faith fell in love with it the second I opened the box. She had to wear it right then and as you can see Ellie it fit perfectly. She loved the dress so much that she wouldn't take it off. Each time she has seen it come out of the laundry since, she has to immediately wear it. Thanks Ellie, the dress was a huge success! We also had the usual scouts, Young Women, piano, etc. Tyler had an additional cello group lesson where she got to practice her recital piece for next week. Tyler's friend convinced her to wear her new makeup and she is doing really good at applying it so that it enhances her natural beauty instead of distracts from it.Friday I went visiting teaching, we had fun having some of Faith's friends over, and Tyler had a fun afternoon with her friends over doing a science project (doesn't she look like she is studying), and I went to a Elders Quorum social (minus Robert) that dealt with surviving the coming crisis period financially. It was an excellent class that gave me some new insights.

Today was a great day. It started off with the stake women's conference (more in a later post). Then I was wanting to do something as a family, but couldn't figure out what. Everything we thought of involved money. Finally we started talking about the garden and how we wanted to do it. We decided last year that we wanted to do raised beds in our yard, but with so little space it will be difficult. So I suggested we take out the four trees on the side of the house and we can do some of the garden there (Rob has been wanting to take out the trees for a long time and I didn't want to =P). So we all headed outside. First we had to move a wood pile so we could get to the trees. Then the fun began.Jesse and Faith had fun playing with the turtle while we got the chainsaw started. I had Jesse empty out the little bit of sand left in it so we could refill it. Tyler must like being in jail since she decided to hide behind bars.Britain just had to play it cool.
After all the trees were cleared, Tyler and Britain raked the ground to clean it up some.

Jesse tried to wrangle a piece of wood sticking up off the stump.Britain used the stumps to go exploring.Then we worked at moving another wood pile. Jesse wanted to move some of the boards himself with his own creative method.In the end I even got some of the rose bushes trimmed before it got to cold to stay outside. What a fun and busy day!


"Its going be a Bright SunShiney Day!" said...

Those are awesome pictures!!!

looks like you guys are having fun. brit picture "cool" makes me laugh, he sorta like like a "punk"

Faith looks just like a princess in her new dress

and rob, so powerful with his mainly chainsaw.... lol

where your pic hannah??? huh???

shellysanford said...

I think that the making something will be a challenge but i figured it gave me the opportunity to think of someone else. I love all your pictures, I did notice on sunday that tyler was wearing makeup and it looked really good it was very natural looking!!Way to go tyler, I will miss having her in beehives she is such a wonderful girl!

CouponAlbum said...

I love those pictures and lovely blue dress!! Your family having great fun there. Wonderful...